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Yes, what appeared to be a low key soft spoken software programmer for & stole $2500 from a business investment acquaintance who approached him over 2.5 years ago on March 12, 2009.

Gary Weldon actually made an agreement in writing & or by email to actually make upgrades to the head & face swap function after Mark asked him about improving the Carnisoft Photo software.

Gary Weldon originally agreed to compensate Mark Schrader with 20 Novelty Photo Studio licenses.

However, when Mark Schrader respectfully requested the 20 Novelty Photo Studio licensees from Gary Weldon to possibly recoup his $2500 investment after waiting 2.5 years & realizing that Gary is not going to modify or improve the face & head swap function for event photography…

Gary instantly & conveniently changes the terms of his original agreement!

Why? It appears that Gary Weldon was suspicious & distrustful of Mark Schrader's intentions.

This became very transparent after Mark expressed disappointment & disillusionment towards Gary & the newly upgraded Carnisoft because of not improving the face & head swap function as Gary Weldon originally agreed to do for his $2500 investment.

Now after making the suggested improvements Gary now realizes that Carnisoft is better & decides to rename it Novelty Photo Software w/o telling Mark his intentions.

Gary Weldon then starts impugning Marks integrity by implying that he would possibly pirate or somehow *** his Novelty Software Studio program to get even with him for either waiting 2.5 years &/or for not making the promised face & head swap changes to his Carnisoft or Novelty Photo Software.

Shocked by Gary's response Mark quickly responds with suggestions on how to possibly protect his software interests from anyone but with absolutely no response from Gary Weldon. Mark then sent several email messages to Gary requesting either the 20 NPS licenses or the $2500 that Mr. Weldon gladly accepted over 2.5 years ago.

To no avail Gary Weldon refuses to even talk or communicate with Mark Schrader after Mark requested the $2500 & after Gary would no longer offer any software support along the 20 Novelty Photo Software licenses.

It is apparent that Gary Weldon will not honor any verbal &/or written agreement or refund your money if he disagrees with you or distrusts you for whatever reason.

At this time, I would not advise anyone to buy any software downloads from www. or w/o a CD copy of the photo software.

Before you agree to market, license or buy Gary Weldon's Photo software make sure your agreement is reviewed by a competent attorney. You may want to consider looking at other novelty photo green screen software on the market that currently works just as good or better than Gary Weldon's Novelty Photo software for event photography.

Visit or call Sam at 562-413-1967 from 10am to 6pm PST, if you have any questions about using his software for event photography or if you want to hire him to create a green screen photo program for you w/o having to pay licensing fees or royalties for something like either or

Call Ken Kendes of to discover the real truth why he chose to create his own Novelty photo green screen software program revealed here: instead of paying Gary Weldon any licensing fees or royalties & dealing with his passive & aggressive behavior.

Before you consider buying licensing rights to either or I would call Gary Weldon at 707-685-5939 to make sure he answers his phone or returns your phone call before you invest either money or time into his programs. Software w/o support is worthless.

You'll discover the support for either or is virtually non-existent & or extremely slow, especially if you do event photography.

If you have any questions about my 2.5 year business dealings with Gary Weldon you can reach me at 253-249-7070 from 10am to 6pm PST.

PS Tell Gary to return Marks $2500 that is now considered stolen.

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Gary & I have peacefully resolved this matter & will continue to work with each other for the long term. :)

In fact I would avoid any software by CASI that I previously suggested.

The chromakey feature appears very weak in comparison to the Novelty Photo Software for a fraction of the cost!


Mark Schrader contacted me in 2009 about making some customizations to Caricature Studio for a fee of $2500. This turned into over 2 years of grief in which Mark Schrader continually changed the scope of the changes in an attempt to tailor the software to his liking. He considered himself a qualified consultant to make authoritative assessments about what I should build into the software, despite the fact that he had never actually engaged in event photography professionally. Mark is a enough nice guy, but somewhat delusional about what it entails to develop software in terms of financial resources and time commitments. He did not make an "investment" in Novelty Photo Studio and had no jurisdiction over the state or direction of it's development. In fact, Novelty Photo Studio was wholly developed outside of the scope under which we collaborated. It did not exist in 2009.

The source of my resistance to provide additional licenses is well-founded. Mark Schrader asked my company to help him reverse-engineer the security features of the Boogie Bodies dancing heads platform, in an attempt to avoid paying royalties to Boogie Bodies, Inc. This is a federal crime, punishable by $150,000 for the first offense and possible jail time. I have extensive email transcripts in which Mark Schrader aggressively and frantically sought a solution to defraud Boogie Bodies by bypassing their security features. I will be contacting Ken Sharkey and Anthony Kay of Amazing Attractions,...

If considering an event photo solution, evaluate based on the merit of the application, not on the internet rantings of a disgruntled individual. I encourage you to look at my competitors as Mark suggests, and discover for yourself why NPS is better.

Mark Schrader received his 20 licenses on 10/24/2012.

Contact me at gweldon AT with any questions.

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